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Swapna hair Enricher is for a dandruff free, hairloss controlled, hair nourishing experience. It is a haircare simplified, Invention. Please study the proofs to judge the product.

 Hair loss control and Growth -  Vivid, Categorical Proof




 May 1993 - Age around 65


April 1995 - Age around 67

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1993 Photo: The density is very poor at the mid front. The Leucodermia mark is visible at the parting. Even at the back, the density is a bit low.

Look at the back of the May 1993 photo. There are new, short and protruding hair at the back - very short to comb down. She started using Swapna from mid 1992 

1995 photo.  There is density improvement and new hair at the mid front. New hair have come all around the Leucodermia mark. The short hair at the back in 1993 photo, have grown and have got nicely combed down.

Do the results appeal to you? The Leucodermia mark at the parting, clearly visible in the 1993 photo,  is an authentic identification mark for the lady.

The photos prove the product's ability to control hair loss.

Density can improve, only if the hair fall got controlled first. If hair fall was greater than or equal to hair gain, the density could not have improved.  These photos easily proves improvement in density.

 That is, hair loss control as well as hair growth benefits of Swapna are proved by these photos


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