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 May 1993

April 1995

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   The Swapna    


Swapna has demonstrated ability to provide

Hair loss Control + Dandruff Remedy + Hair Gain / Growth

This site presents the proofs for each of the above 3 major benefits.  That is an important, distinct feature of this website

Swapna Hair Enricher is referred simply as 'Swapna' in this site. It is a haircare simplified,  daily use,  anti itch, hair protective cream. It would appear non oily on the head. It is suitable for both males and females above age 3. Formulated in 1991, it is a time tested product now.


Product Presentation


This site is an analytic presentation of an Invention.  Naturally, the features and the Inventor's views  are supported with evidences, Dermatological facts and researched details.

There are detailed, separate pages for the aforementioned 3 major benefits. For the other contents in this site, please refer site map.

This page gives a broad outline of the product


1.  Major Benefit of Swapna - Hair loss Control and Hair Gain / Regain / Growth - CPP 1


 Unchallengeable Scientifically proof for Hair Enrichment




 May 1993 - Age around 65


April 1995 - Age around 67


July 1995 - back view

In the 1993 Photo, You can sport the Leucodermia mark at the parting. It is an authentic identification mark for the lady.    [CPP means comparative photo proofs]. 

She has suffered considerable hair loss as one can note from the 1993 photo - side effects of some medicine taken for heart attack. She wanted Swapna to avoid further loss.

The 1995 photos clearly show 'improved hair density'.  Density can improve, only if the hair gain is more than the hair fall.  If hair fall was greater than or equal to hair gain, the density could not have improved.

Look at the back of the May 1993 photo. There are new,  short and protruding hair at the back - very short to comb down. The new hair strands are all due to Swapna as she started using Swapna around Mid 1992. 

The improved density nearly covers this Leucodermia mark in the 1995 photo.  New hair have come all around this mark. The protruding short hair at the back have grown and got nicely combed down. The mid front area has got nearly covered with regained hair / growth.

These above Photos categorically prove Hair Loss control and growth


Now look at the July 95 photo, placed on the right side of this page.

The new hair, got with Swapna, are on the left side of the photo. [were roughly assembled by her] They had lengthened to about 30 cms / 12 inches long in 2 years.

The original old hair have lengthened further and the end is below the back rest of the foldable chair. The lady sports 2 different hair lengths!.    [Traditional Hindu / Orthodox women never cut the hair]


Proof 2. Users handwritten Reports / reviews / testimonials

Swapna is a well tested product. The product was introduced in the market after 3 long years of trials with actual users for the above benefits. It had an Ayurvedic product license in April 1994.

These early Users of Swapna had to submit a handwritten report. They had confirmed the 'hairloss control benefit of Swapna. The relevant basic details and comments of these early users are presented in the Testimonials page


Swapna controls Hairloss in majority of cases within 4 to 6 weeks. Its impact rate was over 90% during our 3 years trial period. This benefit is got by Hereditary Baldness prone persons as well.

For more details on hairloss control , please refer to Hair loss and Hereditary Hairloss  pages

Diet / Food, Pollution, Stress / Tension, DHT, Proteins, Vitamins and demonetisation have nothing to do with hair fall in over 99% of the cases / irrelevant for Swapna.

There is no medical classification as dry hair, stone dry hair, semi oily hair, oily hair, or say, Hispanic, Trump's Blue blooded Americans and so on. Swapna is one for all.


Major Benefit 2 : Dandruff Remedy


Swapna has demonstrated ability to  control dandruff  within 30 days. 

Proofs are in  Dandruff  page. Dandruff leads to excess hair loss. So control of dandruff is necessary

Despite the popularity and convenience of anti dandruff shampoos, not many are effective and safe.   That is why dandruff is spreading further across the World. refer  Anti Dandruff Shampoos


Major Benefit 3:  Hair Growth / Gain


Swapna has the ability to nourish the hair and promote gain and growth as proved above. Gain / regain is a gradually accruing benefit. One has to use Swapna for 2 years or more.

For Proof of Hair Gain, I present 3 sets of Comparative photo proofs in this site. They are in Hair Gain  page for easy reference.  


What some users said about Swapna?


1. "Excellent Hair Tonic for  Hair Growth"   Comment in 1995 by the father of a 3 years old child

2. "...I have been a Swapna user since 4 months now and am happy to say that I have  benifitted considerably.. .. I'm very much concerned about my hair fall - please sir, do reply.... I'm also very happy to inform that my husband who is beginning to bald is also benifitting by swapna. We also use it for my son who is 5 yrs. Please email me a copy of the ill effects of shampoo..."...

3. Hairloss Problem.   Age  around 45,  Gender     Male :   e mail Feb 2004: Selected sentences only

"...All the 3 bottles that I got from you in December 2003 have been taken away by my son and my brother. And now I do not have anything with me. Can you send me 6 bottles immediately ...........By the way - it is great - my son and brothers are jealous of me because my hairline has increased...."


Utility of the Invention / Product


1. Dermatology and 21 other major Medical Therapies do not have any control / delaying aid or mechanism for hereditary hairloss - and for that matter, non hereditary hair loss as well. The same is true for dandruff too. Given that background, the above benefits of Swapna have relevance to many

2. Minoxidil and Propecia preparations are widely known, US FDA approved hair regain formulations for hereditary baldness. Swapna scores over them in several  features. For details, refer to Compare1 .


Hair Care site


I routinely search the web since 2000 for a hairloss control or dandruff remedy product, backed by supportive proofs. I have not come across any other than Swapna

Even as of 10th January 2017, the search result in Google for the key phrase 'hairloss control product with supportive proofs or 'backed by proofs'. 

this site would come up in top 10 results.   [as on Jan 10, 2017]

'backed by proofs' is a crucial requirement for purchase and use of a haircare product.


Ingredients in Swapna


Swapna contains a blend of natural vegetable Oils, special aqueous extracts, moisturiser,  emulsifier, perfume and some minor  additives. It is a well tested, safe formulation of 1991.

It is suited for both females and males above age 3. It is a non sticky Hair Cream to be applied after bath on nearly dry hair. It is water washable. No need to use Shampoo. Reduce shampoo usage

for further details;    Product Note   Ethical tests    Bibliography


Purchase of Swapna


Please refer  Supply  page supply related details.  Swapna is now supplied as a soft cream / thick lotion since January 2017. Please also refer to Product Note and Testimonials pages.

The price of Swapna is Rs 150/- [One Hundred Fifty] only for 100 grams. P&F charges are extra


Technical Licensing


The Technology of a Hair Saver,  Dandruff Cure and non Sticky Hair Oil are available for Technical Licensing.

The links are provided in  Technical Licensing   page and also in Site Map page


Informative Haircare Notes


I have written a book on Haircare. It is titled "Haircare abc and much more'. Several chapters of the book are kept free in this site. They are linked from the  Introduction page besides site map page

Use this link   haircarebasics.pdf     for the basic dermatology details about hair

Unwanted assumptions / myths / notions has led to spread of hairloss across the World, even if Heredity is not the relevant factor. Please check  Hairy Assumptions for course review

For some hair and skin related points, easy reference pages are  Hair faq 1 Hair faq2


Many more are loosing hair today due to  2 major Understated Causes for Hair Loss


Dry Hair Styling          Shun Shampoos /   Anti Dandruff Shampoos.

For pecuniary reasons, some artificially produce meaningless segments to trap the naive public and fleece them with 'thousands of excuses and cures'.  It does not suit many to mention the above 2 factors.


How did I invent ?


'Early bird catches the Worm' !   Fine !   But why did the worm die ?

Did it get up earlier to reach the death spot in time or had a late night out ? Such funny / interesting thoughts spark in me, once in a while, since 1960.

As per Hindu Epic, Mahabharata, Draupadi swore by her hair and kept that promise after 13 long years. It meant to me that ancient Indians knew more about hair care than the later generations. Something got lost with passage of time and or substituted with non functional or counter productive ingredients.

With this basic approach in 1990 and the lesson learnt from the drubbing I got with Cosmetic products between 1969 to 1985, I invented Swapna.


Other Site details

Swapna means Dream in Sanskrit and Tamil, my mother tongue.  That is the term that came to my mind, when I spotted a few black hair in my bald forehead in July 1991 - at the age of 48, in a near total, hereditary bald head - had hairloss since 1965.

The term Hair Saver Plus summarises Swapna in a way. So it continues to be  the name of the site.

All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except Jan 1995 photo of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on

The other sections in the site are 'Spicy Shots' [Demonetisation  Debacle], Reliance KG Gas Scam and 'Duping' [J & J Baby Oil]. Please use the  Site map  to reach the different sections / pages.  Important points are normally highlighted in  brown with light grey or yellow background.


..Note on oversights / errors

I suffer now from slight macular degeneration of the eyes - slightly reducing eye sight due to age in common parlance. Hence, there can be minor typo errors, oversights in sentences and so on because of the difficulty in reading / editing the page. I am sorry for that.  Readers may please point out the errors, if any. 


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Errors and Omissions exempted.  If there be any unwanted oversights, mistake in content or suggestions for improvements,  kindly let me know
swapna hair Enricher/ saver, Cocolite, Silvershine, Autoshine and  Metashine are our brand names
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