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   The Swapna    



What is Swapna hair Enricher?   


Swapna Hair Enricher is a safe, Unique, haircare simplified cream. It is called 'Swapna' in this site.

Invented in 1991, it is a time tested product that provides concurrently,

Hair loss Control + Dandruff Remedy + Hair regain / Growth  in a single product

There are not many proven products with these features in the World.


Are these major Benefits proven?


1. Hair regain and growth are conclusively proved with 3 sets of Comparative photo proofs / before and after photos in this site.

    These 3 comparative photo sets are in  Hair Gain  page for easy reference. This page present on set only

2. Hair loss control benefit is attested by over 40 hand written testimonials of the users. These are presented in tabulated form in . Hairloss control and  Hereditary Hairloss  pages. .

The comparative photo sets also prove the hair loss control feature.

3.  Users from 3 different continents and different parts of India expressed their appreciation for the dandruff relief that they got with Swapna. Their edited e mail comments are Dandruff Remedy page


Rarity  / Uniqueness of the Photo Proofs


Other than Swapna, no hair product in the World,  to the best of my knowledge and belief, present a genuine 'before and after' use photo set to prove hair gain. It is a Categorical, conclusive proof.

I have gone through very many Dermatological Books in the British Library between 1992 to 1998. I have not come across a single comparative photo set in any book. That includes Minoxidil preparations as well. Propecia submitted 'photo proofs', perhaps electron microscope / highly magnified photos to FDA as supportive evidence for the efficacy of the product. But they provide no photo proofs in their Ste.

After 2000, I have searched the web in vain, for photo proofs and or other supportive evidence for a high ranking hair gain product site. None except Swapna comes in many searches

We present 3 comparative photo proofs in this site. Study them. That should give an idea of the value of Swapna

One photo set is produced below.with relevant comments


Categorical  Proof for  Hair  Gain / regain / Growth 






 May 1993 - Age around 65


April 1995 - Age around 67


July 1995 - back view



Please compare the photographs. The following points will become clear

Hair Nourishment:  Look at the back of the May 1993 photo of the lady. There are new,  short and protruding hair at the back - very short to comb down.  They are all due to Swapna as she started using Swapna around Mid 1992. 

Swapna nourishes the hair in some way to simulate growth is a simple deduction, if you look at April 1995 photo. Now look at the July 95 photo also. The new hair, got with Swapna, has grown longer in 2 years. Its length is slightly below the shoulder level and is placed at the left side of the photo 

In the 1993 Photo, Leucodermia mark at the parting is clearly visible. It is an authentic identification mark for the photos / lady. In the 1995 photo, the improved density nearly covers it.

Hair Gain / Growth: Compare the April 1995 with 1993 photo: The mid front area has got nearly covered with regained hair / growth. The protruding short hair at the back have grown and got nicely combed down.

July 1995: The old hair has lengthened further and is over the back rest of the chair. 


The Photos prove Hair Loss / fall control as well


This senior citizen used Swapna for hair loss control. Excess Hair fall triggered by the side effects of some medicines taken for Heart Attack.

If hair fall is greater than or equal to hair gained, the density would remain the same. Density can improve only if hair gain is more than the nominal hair fall. 

The photos above clearly prove 'improved density'. That is, these photos are proof for Hairloss Control as well

Swapna controls Hairloss in majority of cases within 4 to 6 weeks. This benefit is got by Hereditary Baldness prone persons also. The impact rate was over 90% during our early trials.


Users testimonials for hairloss control

The early Users details and comments are presented in the Testimonials page, in different tables. That page is  a summarised presentation of the handwritten reports of the early Swapna's [before 1996] users. Study them.

For more details:   hairloss control  and  Testimonials  pages


Hereditary Hairloss 

Swapna controls hair loss due to heredity as well

For proof,  refer Hereditary Hairloss. This benefit makes Swapna, unique and valuable.


Dandruff Remedy / Treatment


Swapna has demonstrated ability to  control dandruff also within 30 days. 

Refer Dandruff Remedy page for the Proof


Product Impact - overview


Swapna is suitable for both males and females above age 3.  [refer the top section in testimonials page]

Females get more benefit compared to males. Persons below 18, will gain more than those aged more. Persons with slightly thinned heads will regain much faster than persons who have started becoming bald - even if the diameter of the bald circle is only one centimeter hair got wiped out in that circle and the adjacent hair will become weak enough to follow the law of Gravity.  Swapna can help persons at this stage

Ethical tests   and Testimonials   pages  


Safe Ingredients


Swapna is a well researched product. Only after 3 long years of trials with actual users, the product was introduced in the market with an Ayurvedic product license in April 1994.

Swapna is an Invention. It contains a blend of natural vegetable Oils, emulsifier, perfume, special aqueous extracts and some minor  additives. It is a well tested, safe formulation for 25 years now. It is suited for both females and males above age 3. It is a non sticky Hair Cream to be applied after bath on nearly dry hair. It is water washable. No need for use of Shampoo. 

for further details;    Product Note  [for self check of hair fall]   Ethical tests    Bibliography


Some Users Review


1. Safety

"Excellent Hair Tonic for  Hair Growth"   Comment by the father of a 3 years old child in 1995


2. Swapna is for the Family

"...I have been a Swapna user since 4 months now and am happy to say that I have  benifitted considerably.. .. I'm very much concerned about my hair fall - please sir, do reply.... I'm also very happy to inform that my husband who is beginning to bald is also benifitting by swapna. We also use it for my son who is 5 yrs. Please email me a copy of the ill effects of shampoo..."...


3. The battle for Swapna

Hairloss Problem.   Age  around 45,  Gender     Male :   e mail Feb 2004: Selected sentences only

"...All the 3 bottles that I got from you in December 2003 have been taken away by my son and my brother. And now I do not have anything with me. Can you send me 6 bottles immediately ...........By the way - it is great - my son and brothers are jealous of me because my hairline has increased...."


Purchase of Swapna


Please refer  Supply  page. I wish to sell the product on its merits. So, there is no image for package and such other secondary features


Technical Licensing


The Technology of Swapna Hair Enricher is available for Licensing. I have a separate formulation for the cure / stoppage of Dandruff. Formulation of a non Sticky Hair Oil is also available for Technical Licensing.

The links to the different pages are in Site Map and also in  Technical Licensing   page. 




For Swapna users / buyers, I insist on having oil / swapna on the head. The second condition is they should reduce the use of Shampoos.  In the early years, 95% of the users were pure Vegetarians. Diet, pollution, tension, and such other over blared excuses on the TV have no link whatsoever with hair loss - as per Dermatology. I also did not find any link.

For simple and easy, common sense approach to haircare, refer   Hair Sense


Other Site details


As the term Hair Saver Plus summarises Swapna, it has become the name of the site. The site is authored by the Inventor.

All the photos in this site are by amateur photographers except Jan 1995 photo of the inventor. The photos were taken in the open area, without precise, pre defined parameters for Camera, angle, Sunlight intensity, film used and so on

The other sections in the site are Spicy Shots and Duping. Please use the  Site map  to reach the different sections / pages.  Important points are normally highlighted in red or brown with pale yellow background.

For some hair care notes in the site, refer  Site map.


..Note on oversights / errors

I suffer now from slight macular degeneration of the eyes - slightly reducing eye sight due to age in common parlance. There can be minor typo errors, oversights in conveying a point and so on because of the difficulty in reading / editing the page. I am sorry for that.  Readers may please point out the errors, if any 


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Errors and Omissions exempted.  If there be any unwanted oversights, mistake in content or suggestions for improvements,  kindly let me know
swapna hair Enricher/ saver, Cocolite, Silvershine, Autoshine and  Metashine are our brand names
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